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About The Lizza Show

“The Lizza Show” offers children a warm and friendly place where they can feel valued and included. Lizza, the host of the show, possesses that rare spark of compassion and

understanding that attracts children to her side wherever she goes. Best of all, Lizza is really fun! Through live action, puppetry, stop motion, and digital animation with a personal touch, Lizza helps children find magic and joy in every day.

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You can find "The Lizza Show" on YouTube and Nantucket Community Television or under our episodes tab here on this website. We provide children with simple, back-to-basics entertainment and fun to help counteract the effects of excessive amounts of technology. Lizza has a way of relating to children that makes them feel valued and heard. 

About Lizza Obremski

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Lizza Obremski grew up on Nantucket and has always loved working with children. Lizza has a magical effect on kids. They love her. Someone once called her “kid catnip,”referring to her natural ability to make children feel safe, loved, and very silly. Upon graduating from Nantucket High School, a career in teaching seemed an obvious choice. Lizza earned her bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education and Theater from Wheelock College in Boston and then moved back to Nantucket, where she taught preschool at the Nantucket Lighthouse School.

Growing up on a small island often prompts a desire to see the world. Lizza followed her dream of living abroad and landed in Beirut, Lebanon, where she taught kindergarten at Wellspring Learning Community. While in Beirut, Lizza discovered that she is definitely not a city person. With small towns and beaches in mind, Lizza moved to Potrero, Costa Rica, where she taught first grade at La Paz Community School. She then spent three months backpacking around Southeast Asia with her sister and decided to try something new when she returned to the U.S. Lizza was on a mission to find her true calling - something that would integrate her love of children and entertaining with her qualifications as a teacher. Meanwhile, Lizza took a job as a caregiver for a woman with mitochondrial disease, a degenerative genetic disorder that causes many physical disabilities. As a caregiver, Lizza’s appreciation of the wonders of everyday life expanded. Her experiences with and understanding of both children and adults led her to create Nanpuppets, a space where all people, young and old, can learn and laugh simultaneously.


In 2016, Lizza teamed up with children’s book illustrator Sue Riddle to create 6 episodes of

“Out to See” a children’s television show featured on YouTube and Nantucket Community Television. The show was awarded “Best Children’s Program” from both the National Hometown Media Awards and the Massachusetts Creator Awards.


Now striking out on her own, Lizza is excited to embark on a whole new adventure with

“The Lizza Show.” Each 15 minute episode will bring you into Lizza’s world, where she finds the magic in everyday life. Many adults believe that today’s children require overstimulation and fast paced cartoons to hold their attention. Lizza believes that in remaining present with children and treating them with the respect they deserve they are given the tools they require to learn and grow. Showing children how to find the joy in every moment and discover magic and fun in every day will result in happier and healthier adults.


Please join us for the fun and magic on “The Lizza Show”!

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